Philanthropy: Making a Meaningful Difference

Donor wall for the Campaign for Coastal Health

In May, the Philanthropy team unveiled a preview of the donor recognition wall, which names every person who gave to the Campaign for Coastal Health, regardless of the amount given.

We are grateful for everyone who supported our mission this year:

Working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.

We know that there are many needs in our community and your choice to support your local hospitals demonstrates your commitment to, and confidence in, our work.

Philanthropic support has helped make many things possible this year, including critical facility improvements across our two campuses. The renovated and expanded emergency department and the Beebe Health Center are improving access to care at Pen Bay Medical Center.

Similarly, at Waldo County General Hospital, the strategic relocation of urology and nephrology services has paved the way for a twofold increase in the size of our orthopedics department, enabling us to provide increased access to critical medical appointments.

In addition, at a time when the health care sector is facing workforce challenges, charitable gifts allowed us to invest in our personnel and build our staffing pipeline internally. In the fall of 2022, Pen Bay and Waldo awarded 14 team members with scholarships to advance their nursing careers.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 school year, we are pleased to announce that generous philanthropic support has allowed us to award more than $50,000 to 17 care team members.

“There is a health care worker shortage right now and it’s my feeling that we do have a number of people who would be interested in a career in the field, but they may not know how to go about getting into a program or may not feel that they can financially afford a program,” said Ellen Leone, RN, MSN, chief nursing officer for Pen Bay and Waldo. “We have needs in so many specialty areas. I love matching applicant’s interests with the organization’s real needs.”

In the coming year, we will also continue to focus on upgrading our facilities and grounds at both the Rockport and Belfast campuses to elevate the patient experience and enhance health care excellence in the Midcoast region.

Your support of our community hospitals has been vital to helping us achieve our commitment to providing our communities with the best possible care, close to home. Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Thank you, donors!

Donors who made a gift to between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023.

Robert Ackley
Fred and Catherine Adair
Jerrold and Barbara Allanach
Philip and Betsy Allen
Therese Allen
Tony M. Arrington and Gloria D. Arrington
Cynthia M. Autry
Forest E. Ayer and Shirley Ayer
Diane and Steven Bacon
Jack and Areti Baldwin
Louisa C. Barrett
Katie and Chip Bauer
Diana L. Beach
Frank and A. Rosemary Beane
Keith Beattie
Judy and David Beebe, MD
Mrs. Sallie Bell
Lena Bengtsson
Jodie T. and Benjamin G. Benner, MD
Barry Bernson
Gail and John Bertuzzi
Bruce Bicknell
Harris Bixler
Lance Blackshaw
Martha and Sidney Block
Patricia Bonness and Samuel Gramiccioni
Ann Boover
Dirck and Lee Born
Martha Bouchard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Brace
Judith Brann
Angie Brashear
Russell Brassbridge
The Bresnahan Family
Gwendolyn Hudson and Mark Breton
Cherry and Donald Brewster
Galen and Hathaway Brewster
Gerald and Jennifer Brooks
Barrett W. Brown
Bernard Brown
Charles and Kristin Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown
Phelps Brown
Chester Bunsick
Joanne and Stephen Burns
Richard and Barbara Burns
John and Christine Burstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Burt
William and Barbara Buss
Dorothy and Walter Cabot
Ed and Mary Cady
Katherine and Bartley Calder
Deborah Campbell
Joyce Campbell
Levin Campbell
Toni Campoamor
Fred and Mary Alice Carey
Frank Carozza
John F. Carr
Frank and Lynda Cassidy
Rosetta Celentano
Richard Chandler, MD
Randall Chanler
Jeffrey Chapman
Norma H. Clark
Daniel M. Clarke
Sandra Clement
Dianne and David Cole, Jr.
Lois and Douglas Coleman, Jr.
Charles W. Collins
Charles and Rebecca Collison
Susan Colson
Jane Conrad
Linda H. Coombs
Teresa Coose
Davilynn and John Cowperthwaite, Jr.
Donald and Judith Cox
Susan Crane
Sylvia E. Crane
Mr. Bruce Craven
Douglas and Ferolyn Curtis
James and Katherine Cuthbertson
Carol and Daniel Daigneault
Alice and William Dashiell
Claire and Robert Daub
Kevin and Jane Davey
Corliss and Rick Davis
Eric and Bonnie Davis
Dillon Fund
Paula and Patrick Delahanty
Phil DesLauriers
Liana and William Dickey
Dency R. Dokoozian
Jo Dondis and Peter Imber
Debora A. Doten
Rosamund Downing
Lynn Draper
David and Barbara Dubow
Glenn Dudley
Doreen and Gregory Dufour
Margaret and Ryan DuMont
Linda Pickering Dunson
Mildred Eaton
Cheryl A. Liechty, MD and Mark P. Eggena, MD, PhD
Ingrid and Lars Ellison, MD
Melanie Ellsworth
Jeremy and Deborah Entwistle
Elsa Estabrook
Kathleen and Anita Evasius
Robert and Jane Fairbanks
Beatrice and John Fargnoli, Jr.
Mark and Katharine Farrell
Jacqueline M. Ferrara
Angeline S. Ferris
Doree and Richard Fisher, MD
David Flanagan
Moray and Barbara Fleming
Sue Fleming
Louise Flint
Margaret Flippo
John Flood
Andrew Florance
Corey J. Fogarty
Alexandra Fogel
Brud Folger
Morgan Forster
Mr. and Phillip C. Foussard
Deb Fox
Karen Foxwell
Maureen Foye
Scott A. Frazier
John and Jo-Ann Freburger
Leonard Fudge
Laurel D. Fulton
Barbara Furman
Pamela D. Gabriel
Sara Gagan
Sherry Gagne
Barbara M. Gallione
Jane Gardner
Faith and Don Garrold
Rick and Syrena Gatewood
Sally J. Gergely
Louis J. Gerny
Hiram and Roxanna Gerrish
Terry and Jacob Gerritsen
Paul Gerry
Ned Getchell
Edes Gilbert
Meriwether Gill
Mary A. Giltner and Steve R. Wheaton
Darlene and John Gleba
Sydney Goldsmith
Cindy and Peter Goodwin
Alice Gorman
Lisa Gorman
Kathleen Gosciniak
Samuel and Karen Gowan
Deirdre Gramas, MD
Anthony and Sally Grassi
Cecelia Greenleaf
Laurie Grierson
Jeffrey and Heather Grills
Phil Groman and Sarah Newell Price
Julie E. Gushee
Eve Hadley
Nancy and Paul Hamilton
Wayne Hamilton
Lucile and Stephen Hanscom
Elizabeth Harder
Jane and Stephen Hardy
Jane Hardy
Joan and Rick Harlow
Thomas and Anne Harmon-Fear
Judith and Leroy Harrington
Sharon Hart
Ralph and Joyce Harvey
Judith and Ronnie Hastings
Eileen and Craig Hawkins, MD
Arthur and Sara Hayes
Michael and Lisa Hebert
Simon Hebert
Timothy and Melissa Hebert
Chun Mei and Robert Hellerson
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Hengerer
Elizabeth Henry
Kathleen Hermann
Maine Community Foundation Catawamteah Fund
Alison Hildreth
John Hindman
Rotchana Hirshberg, FNP
Roy and Debbi Hitchings
Frances Hochschild
Rona Hokanson
Jack K. Holland, Esq.
George Holmes, DVM
Deryl Holt
Marilyn Hotch
Cheryl Huber
Paul and Patricia Hurlburt
Kathleen Ilvonen
Lisa Ingalls
Ron and Shirley Jarvella
Carleton and Laurie Johnson
Linnea K. Johnson
Michael and Shirley Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Rendle and Pat Jones
Mary and Charles Jordan, Sr.
Richard and Patricia Kahn
Ted and Susan Kanellakis
Judy P. Kao
David and Stephanie Karsten
James Keller and Judith Daniels
Bud and Wendy Kellett
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic R. Kellogg
Kathleen Kennedy
Richard and Marjorie King
James and Cynthia Kinnealey
Julie D. Kinney
Jeanne and Paul Klainer, MD
Elinor Klivans
Truth Hawk and Paul Kluger, MD
Caroline Knight
Howard Knowles
Louise Knowlton
Stephanie Kumble
Gail M. Ladd
Cathy Landau-Painter and Charles Mamane
Sharon Landry and David Landry
Meredith A. Lang
Christina and Stan Lanphier
Stephanie Lash, MD
Carmen Lavertu
Sally and John Leavitt
Lancelot and Dorothy Lee
Roxanne M. Leighton
Raymond and Ellen Leone, Jr.
Mark and Traci Lerner
Susan Levy
Dorothy Lewis
Jenny Lewis
Laurie Lombard
Harrah Lord
Joan and David Losee
Sue Low
Nina and Fred Lowe
Patricia Lundholm
Kari Lyden
Deborah and Richard Lyon
Eleanor Lyons
James MacLowry
David and Mary MacMillan
John and Betty Ann Mahoney
Peter Malikowski
Malonis, Pratts, and Buntins
Sheila and Harry Mank, Jr.
Lisa Manley
Johnny and Barbara Mann
Sandra Mansfield
Julie F. Margolis
Hugh and Sue Martin
Irene and Richard Maxcy
Dr. Kevin M. McAuliffe and Ms. Sandra L. Mercier
Colin McCabe
Sarah McCumber
Michael McGuigan
Rev. Philip F. McKean Ph.D.
Diane McKernan
John and Wende Mcllwain
Michael McNally
Peter and Amy McNaughton
Robert and Joann Merriam
Jane and Robert Merrill, MD
Beverly Mertz
Patricia W. Messler
Lauren Michalakes, MD and Chris Michalakes, DO
Dennis and Irene Michaud
William and Deborah Michaud
Michael and Deborah Millay
Ed and Carol Miller
Erica Miller
Diane L. E. Green Minor and Q. Grady Minor
Elizabeth Minot
Archie E. Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Patricia Mollison
Alison Montgomery
Cary Slocum and Glenn Montgomery
Carl and Brenda Moody
Carol and Richard Moody
Caroline and Wayne Morong
Michael Moroz
Richard and Anne Mullen
David Mumford
Patricia Munger
Angela Murgita
Murphy Family
Dorsey and James Murray
Anne Mynttinen
Pat and James Nelson
Claudette and Gerald Newhall
Jennifer L. Newman
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Nims
William Norfleet
Anne and Richard Norman
Douglas and Judith O’Dell
Bruce F. Offhaus and Nancy E. Noyes
Bob and Robin Ohrt
Robert and Rosemary Overlock
Albert and Janice Overlock
Doris Palmer
Priscilla and Keith Patten
Thomas and Gray Payne
Leslie Pearlman
Hon. Alan C. Pease
Peter and Lee Peno
Nathan Perkins and Annemarie Ahearn
Helen N. Perry
Virginia Piekos
Karen and David Pier, DMD
Robert and Norma Piper
Rodney B. Plimpton
Alan Post
Jamie H. Pratt
Michael and Jennifer Pratt
Diane and Robert Purkey
Tina and Joe Pyne
Ralph and Patricia Randall
May Glaser Raucher
Shanti Rausch
Jennifer Reed
Elizabeth Repplier
Jason and Kelley Richardson
Sara Richey-Lucero
Diana Rigg
Jonathan L. Rigg
Dorcas Riley
Louine Robbins
Lloyd Roberts
Alice and John Rogers
Martha and Paul Rogers
Carlton and Lorna Russell
Sharon and George Rybarczyk
Nicholas O. Sabatine
Onofrio Sabatine
Honora F. Samway
Cheryl Sarasin
Tom and Sally Savage
Deborah Schilder and Fritz Burke
Betty Schopmeyer
Susan G. Schorin and Marshall A. Schorin
Gay Schueler
Mary Serina
Linda J. Shaffer
Samantha Sharff
Betsy R. Sherman
Judith Shumway
Rhoda Silverberg
Nancy and John Simson
Lisa M. Sirois
David and Linda Smart
Frederick Smith
Hazel Smith
Jackie L. Smith
Susan and Robert Snead, MD
Gloria Snowdeal
Terence Sokoloff
Anthony and Anne Solley
Robert Souther
George and Denise Stadler
Joanne Stavrou
Grace Stearns
Judy Stein
Robert Steinmetz and Patricia Ashton
Elizabeth and William Stephenson, MD
Jane and E. William Stetson, III
MaryAnn Steves
Dixe Stirewalt
Charlene and Doug Stone
Courtney L. Sukeforth
Rita and Douglas Sukeforth
Steve and Natalie Sulzer
David Summers
Christine and Heather Taucher
David P. Taylor
Martin and Lynne Taylor
Carol Anne Taylor
Richard and Carrie Thackeray, MD
Mary Elsa and Skip Theobald
Georgie Thomas
Ruth B. Thomas
Carol and Douglass Timberlake
Vincent and Douglas Tirola
Rufus and Jean Titus
Susan and Bruce Tolman
Frances Torresen
Vicki and Alain Toumayan
Brian Trask
Heidi Turcketta
Robert and Ann Turcotte
John Turner
Jean Tweedie
Margaret Tyler
Marie Underwood
Peter Van Alstine
Iva H. Vangel
Kevin and Gail Varga
Margaret and Martyn Vickers, Jr., MD
John P. Voge
Kermit and Michael Voncannon
Richard L. Waldron
Barbara Walker
Brenda Wallace
Matthew O’Malia and Heather Ward, MD
Terry L. Washburn and Heidi Washburn
Janet L. Watkinson
Katrina M. Way
Darlene E. Webb
Vikki Webster-Swan
James and Norma Wendt
Edward and Betty Wheaton
Debby Wheelock and Chuck Paine
Marian White
Robert and Julie White, MD
Sarah Whitehouse
Lucy and Frank Whiting
J. Randall Whitney, III
Sarah Wickenden and Christopher Lawton
Wendy and Roger Wickenden
Joseph and Gabrielle Wicklow
Mrs. Wiggin
Barbara and James Wihlborg
Sara and Peter Wilds
Stephen Wilkinson
Ellie and Jeff Willmann
Adeline Winkes, MD and Timothy Kunkel
Charles O. Winpenny
Elizabeth Murgita Wolfertz
Dorothy and Stanley Wood
Leonard and Charlene Wyman
Michael and Leita Wyman
Kimberly A. York
Pauline N. Lantz and Brian York
Charlotte Young
James R. Young, MD
Spencer and Janice Youngblood
City of Belfast
The Green Hill Foundation
Spectrum Healthcare Partners
Arthur K. Watson Charitable Trust
Hannaford Food & Drug
The Albright Foundation Trust
LPL Financial
Front Street Shipyard
Capeway Interiors, Inc.
UBC & JA Local 352
UBC & JA Local 349
North Atlantic States Carpenters Labor Managment Program
North & South
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Loca
Madge H. Walker Charitable Trust
Maine Cancer Foundation
Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust
Eric and Simone Lang Foundation
Spectrum Healthcare Partners
City of Belfast
Rockland High School, Class of 1967
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
United Midcoast Charities
KeyBank National Assocation Trust Division
Duck Puddle Campground
Ames Supply, INC.
Quarry Hill Association Board of Directors
Northeast Delta Dental Foundation, Inc.
Douglas Dynamics, LLC
Wentworth Family Grocery-Swan Lake
Stanley Chevrolet
Bangor Savings Bank Foundation
First National Bank
Libra Foundation
Robbins Lumber, Inc.
Belfast Area High School Regional School Unit #71
Silkweeds, Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
United Midcoast Charities
Medomak Valley All Sports Boosters
Douglas Dynamics, LLC
Mid-Coast Board of Realtors
Ivy Chapter #16 OES
Fishermen’s Friend, Inc.
KeyBank National Assocation Trust Division
Doris E. Hodson Trust
Town of Lincolnville